General Notice



  1. (Dt:13-11-19) Notice for CS 101 (Programming for Problem Solving) lecture schedule for B.Tech. First Year 
  2. (Dt:11-11-19) Notice for evaluation scheme of Design Thinking Course (HS-102) for B.Tech First Year 
  3. (Dt:07-11-19) Notice for remedial class schedule for Humanities & Social Science Department 
  4. (Dt:07-11-19) Notice for remedial class schedule for Civil Engineering Department 
  5. (Dt:07-11-19) Notice for remedial class schedule for ECE Department 
  6. (Dt:07-11-19) Notice for remedial class schedule for Mechanical Engineering Department 
  7. (Dt:06-11-19) Notice for remedial class schedule for Computer Science & Engineering Department 
  8. (Dt:06-11-19) Notice for Chemistry remedial class schedule for B.Tech. First Year (Group-B) 
  9. (Dt:05-11-19) Notice for Remedial classes for Electrical Engineering Department 
  10. (Dt:04-11-19) Circular for submission of Minor project details for 7th semester students 
  11. (Dt 21-10-19) Notice for the Second Annual Sports’ Meet 
  12. (Dt:11-10-19) Notice for Chemistry Remedial class (B.Tech First Year) 
  13. (Dt:11-10-19) Notice for Physics Remedial class (B.Tech First Year) 
  14. (Dt:03-10-19) National Seminar on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences 
  15. (Dt:01-10-19) Accepatance to Adopt the UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN programme 
  16. (Dt:24-09-2019) Notice for Co-teaching Program under TEQIP-III 
  17. (Dt:17-09-2019) Notice for Employability Skill Training 
  18. (Dt:13-09-2019) Two days Instructional Workshop in Cryptology 
  19. (Dt:30-08-2019) Notice to submit Action Plan for TEQIP-III (Oct-Dec 2019 quarter) 
  20. (Dt:29-08-2019) Notice for Adoption of New Cirriculum for B.Tech First Year 
  21. (Dt:22-08-2019) Five Days Worskshop on Recent Trends in Microelectronics & VLSI Technology
  22. (Dt:21-08-2019) Two Days Workshop on Good Governance, Vision Mission & Best Academic Practices under TEQIP-III 
  23. (Dt:17-07-2019) Notice for last date of Admission to B.Tech Courses 
  24. (Dt 09-07-2019) Notice for Induction Programme for B.Tech First Year Students 
  25. (Dt:09-07-2019) Notice for commencement of classes for Academic Session 2019-20 
  26. (Dt:04-03-2019)Notice for Clearance of Dues
  27. (Dt: 20-02-2019) Notification for remedial classes – Mathematics 
  28. (Dt: 20-02-2019) Notification for remedial classes – Chemistry
  29. (Dt: 19-02-2019) Notification for remedial classes – physics 
  30. (Dt: 25-01-2019) Notification for Workshop as per schedule/ venue in Annexure I 

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