Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) Cell is created for the purpose of promotion of externally funded research and development projects and providing consultancy services to industries to meet future needs through capacity building, original research of the highest standard, and leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the state. In addition to teaching and supervising students of Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programs, the University actively encourages its faculty members to undertake sponsored research projects and consultancy services to strengthen the research profile and societal outreach of the University. Sponsored Research and Consultancy activities of the university are administered through this SRIC Cell. The Cell looks after the administrative and financial aspects of sponsored research projects, industrial consultancy services, and testing and certification services under the framework outlined by the Research and Development Rules.



To be a leading consultant, market researcher, and analyst providing innovative and advanced solutions including execution of projects while pursuing excellence in research and promotion of science and technology.


  1. Commitment to meet the needs of our clients and community by providing top-quality consulting services and adoption of innovative approaches.
  2. Design, planning and execution of projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  3. Applying profound knowledge in the field of science and technology for usage in industry and society.


  1. To enhance the industry-institute relationship and aid the better product development in quality at reduced cost
  2. To pave the way for the utilization of new corners of science to invent new or alternate technology and healthy solutions to the society at large, particularly to protect the public health and environment
  3. To facilitate and encourage the quality publications of the research work and share the results to the entire research community
  4. To build relationships through MoU’s for long term relationships with national and international research organizations and industries for widening the scope of research options and funding opportunities for faculties and students
  5. To develop, prescribe and administer rules and regulations to ensure the compliance of all researchers to the research quality assurance framework and research code.


Innovation – We shall use the latest technologies to develop unique research methods that are fast, flexible and cost-effective for our clients and community.
Reliability – We shall never compromise on the quality of our data.
Consultancy – We shall provide the highest level of consulting services and expert insights.
Research – We shall lead influential research, generating knowledge and disseminate this information through publications in journals and conferences.
Execution – We shall make implementation and execution of projects an ease by adopting latest technology and methods
Trust – We shall never make promises that we cannot keep.
Community – We believe in the power of community to make a difference, where each contribution counts, and working together to make our community better.

Nongmaithem Anand,

Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering