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The Department of Physics was established in the year 2016. The department envisions in the all-round development of students by infusing qualities of grit and determination to excel in life and fostering a quality environment for relishing the beauty of Physics. Physics is one of the subjects being taught in the First Year Basic Science of the 4-year Bachelor in Technology (B. Tech.) programme offered at the University.

Currently, the department has two regular faculty members, one laboratory technician and one laboratory attendant. The active areas of research include satellite remote sensing of the polar and the Himalayan regions of the Earth, condensed matter physics, etc. The Department has two ongoing research projects with the Space Applications Centre-Indian Space Research Organisation (SAC-ISRO), Ahmedabad on the topics related to the satellite-based monitoring of the icy regions of Earth viz., the Polar Regions and the Himalayan glaciers.

The Department has a well-equipped laboratory to provide hands-on experience to the students. More modern equipment is about to be acquired to perform precise and accurate research in the field of Physics.

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The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2016. Applied Science is a bridge that connects pure science with engineering practices. It aims to provide a strong foundation for engineering students. The Department of Chemistry thrives on being a value-based globally recognised department ensuring academic excellence and fostering Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Attitude.

Currently, the department has one regular faculty member, one laboratory technician and two laboratory attendants. The active area of research is natural product chemistry (medicinal and aromatic plant).

The department has a well-equipped laboratory, which enables faculty and students to employ fundamental principles, create innovative solutions which are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address pressing problems.



The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2016. The department is committed to impart high-quality education in Mathematics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The department aims to teach mathematics so as to develop in our students:

  1. an appreciation of mathematics as a driving force in society, culture and history;
  2. an understanding of mathematics and its applications; and
  3. the ability to reason and communicate mathematically as well as to assimilate new mathematical ideas.

Currently, the department has four regular faculty members. The active areas of research include, but not limited to, fixed-point theory, group theory, topology, number theory, etc.

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Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences was established to instil knowledge of basic biological concepts amongst the engineering students and make them able to understand the highest values of life and respect for Nature. Today, biology is an emerging interdisciplinary field and since, this is a century of Biology, the engineering undergraduates need to understand at least the basic biology concepts so that they would be able to consider a biological system/aspect in which they could make appropriate contributions, through their main expertise, say mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, electronics and communication engineering, or any other.

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