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The university has a separate department of humanities and social science which was established in 2016 to equip the students with the sound concepts of humanities and social science. The department aims to provide a firm grounding in human values, communication skills and economics to produce well rounded and conscientious citizens besides covering the entire spectrum of education that gives a unique all-round perspective of holistic education process and preparing competent professionals.

The department also strives to provide graduates with valuable, employment enhancing skills such as team work, critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills, strong writing and speaking skills, primary importance to particular topics such as microeconomics, mathematical economics, international economics, and regional economics, design thinking, etc., that can be used in their professional lives, and …

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IKS Division Internship Program 2022-23

1)Khualkhanhau Suante (CE 3rd Semester) 2101CE0221
2) Dolly Akoijam (ME 3rd Semester) 2101ME0201
3) Thingujam Hemi Khumancha (CE 7 th Semester) 1901CE0135 

The above mentioned students successfully completed their internship program in the IKS Division Internship Program2022-23 which is an innovative cell under Ministry of Education at AICTE. The above mentioned students also received a stipend of Rs.10,000/- for two months + Rs5000/- total for travel and other miscellaneous expenses for a maximum of Rs.25,000/-, for the duration of two months as per existing AICTE norms.