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GC Sapna

G.C Sapna

Warden, Girl’s Hostel

Manipur Technical University has hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

Girls Hotel

The Girls Hostel has a capacity of 80 girls. Wi-Fi facilities are provided at the Girls Hostel. One room can accommodate two girls. Every hosteller is provided with a bed, almirah, table, and chair. It is located inside the current location of MTU. Medicine supplies are also provided. The hostel is well maintained with clean surroundings. Daily cleaning of the hostel is done by sweepers. There are twenty-four hours of service supplied by lady security and caretaker.

Boys Hotel

MTU Boys Hostel is located 2 km away from the MTU campus. it has capacity of 80 boys. There are single rooms, double rooms and dormitory for hostellers. Every hosteller is provided with one bed, almirah, chair and table. It has badminton court and table tennis board and playing space.

Pamei Denis

Pamei Denis

Warden, Boy’s Hostel

Hostel Staff (Girls Hostel)


  1. Rajkumari Binika
  2. Laihram Dipinti
  3. Pebam Bisheswari
  4. Maibam Binodini

Security Guards

  1. Tedar Yunglama
  2. Khwairakpam Sunita

Hostel Activities

  1. Hostel outing
  2. Regular interaction between hostel staff and hostellers
  3. Counselling
  4. Hostel service by hostellers
  5. Games and sports
  6. Hostel Farewell and Fresher’s Meet Events
  7. Miscellaneous