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The Project, Third phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (referred to as TEQIP-III) is fully integrated with the Twelveth Five-year Plan objectives for Technical Education as a key component for improving the quality of Engineering Education in existing institutions with a special consideration for Low Income States and Special Category States (SCS) and support to strengthen few affiliated technical universities to improve their policy, academic and management practices.

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The Project will focus on the following objectives:

  • Improving quality and equity in engineering institutions in focus states viz. 7 Low Income States (LIS ), eight states in the North-East of India, three Hill states viz. Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Andaman and Nicobar Islands (a union territory (UT))
  • System-level initiatives to strengthen sector governance and performance which include widening the scope of Affiliating Technical Universities (ATUs) to improve their policy, academic and management practices towards affiliated institutions, and
  • Twinning Arrangements to Build Capacity and Improve Performance of institutions and ATUs participating in focus states.

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Only the Government and Government aided AICTE approved Engineering institutions/Engineering faculty/Engineering Teaching Department/Constituent Institutions of Universities/Deemed to be Universities and new centrally funded institutions in SCS will be the part of the project. 
An estimated 200 Government and Government funded Engineering institutions including Affiliating Technical Universities (ATUs) will be selected under different sub-components in one or two cycles.

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The project will be implemented in alignment with the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17), through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) of the Government of India as a Central Sector Scheme (CSS), wherein 100% funds will be provided as grants to the States, Institutions& ATUs.

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TEQIP seeks to enhance quality and equity in participating in engineering education institutions and improve the efficiency of the engineering education system in focus states. The project is composed of the following components and sub-components:

  • Component – 1: Improving the quality of education in selected institutes
  • Component -2: Improving System Management

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  1. (Dt:04-07-2020) Appointment of Academic Nodal Officer
  2. (Dt:30-08-2019) Notice to submit Action Plan for TEQIP-III (Oct-Dec 2019 quarter) 
  3. (Dt:19-01-2019) Appointment of Academic nodal officer
  4. (Dt:04-01-2019) Appointment of nodal procurement officer

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  1. Guidelines on TA/DA norms for all types of TEQIP-III activities
  2. Permissible and Non-Permissible Expenditures
  3. TEQIP-III Forms
  4. Manuals

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