Civil Engineering

Sl. NoPhotoNameDesignationQualificationSpecializationDate of JoiningEmail Profile
1KAKCHINGTABAM ANIL SHARMADR KAKCHINGTABAM ANIL SHARMAAssistant Professor & HeadB. Sc (Geology) [Hons.], M. Sc (Earth Sciences), Ph. D (Earth Sciences), Qualified CSIR-UGC NETIgneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry17/08/
2NONGMAITHEM ANANDNONGMAITHEM ANANDAssistant Professor B. E (CE), M. Tech (Environmental Engineering), Ph. D (Geo-Environmental Engineering) (Pursuing) PG Diploma in Environmental Law (Pursuing)Water and Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Law17/08/
3KOSYGIN LEISHANGTHEMKOSYGIN LEISHANGTHEMAssistant ProfessorB. E (Civil Engineering), M. Tech (Earthquake Engineering), B. Sc (Mathematics) [Hr.], Diploma in Multimedia and Web Technology and PGDCA, Ph. D (Pursuing)Earthquake, Disaster Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Structural Engineering, Optimization15/07/
4GYANEN TAKHELMAYUMGYANEN TAKHELMAYUMAssistant ProfessorB. E (CE), M. Tech (Highway Engineering), Ph. D (Pervious Concrete using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) (Pursuing)Pavement Materials Characterization, Pavement Stabilization & Reclamation Techniques, Use of RAP for Sustainable Pavements Construction, Geo polymer Concrete Technology, Self-healing Pavement Technology, Design & Construction of Rigid & Flexible Pavements for Highways and Airports, Overlay Design for Both Flexible & Rigid Pavements17/08/
5DR KHWAIRAKPAM SELIJAAssistant ProfessorB.Tech (Civil Engineering), M.Tech (Structural Engineering), Ph.D.: (Civil Engineering)Construction Materials, Concrete Technologies, Special concrete, Sustainable Materials, Green Building, Structures, Construction Engineering, Surfactants, Reinforced concrete structures, Steel structure, Structural health monitoring and rehabilitation06/10/
6DR SONIKA THONGRAMAssistant ProfessorB.Tech (Civil Engineering), M.Tech (Transportation Engineering and Management), Ph.D.: (Transportation Engineering)Transportation Engineering, Pavement Engineering, Traffic Engineering, concrete technology06/10/
7KOKO KARBIAAssistant ProfessorB. Tech in Civil Engineering, M.Tech in Geotechnical EngineeringNumerical And Experimental Modeling, Stability of Geotechnical Structures, Ground Improvement Technique06/10/
8DEVASIS LAISHRAMAssistant ProfessorB.Tech in Civil Engineering, M.Tech in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)Multiscale Modelling of Composite Materials, Finite Element Method, Computational Solid Mechanics06/10/

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