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Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design


The IIC of Manipur Technical University successfully conducted a “Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design” on 16th February 2022.


  • Date:16th February 2022
  • Time:10:00 AM to 12:00PM

Guest Speaker

  • Sowmya Lakshminarayanan, Co-founder (Research & Partnership), Lead by Design
  • Anna Maria Geogy, Co-founder (Design and operations), Lead by Design

Biodata of the Speaker

Sowmya Lakshminarayanan is a researcher turned entrepreneur. Anna Maria is a designer turned entrepreneur. Deeply passionate about young children and their immense creative potential, they started Lead by Design, a non-profit venture in 2020. Lead by Design builds cost effective products and services to bring creative learning avenues accessible to all children of ages 6 to 15. By providing such environments, LBD harnesses the power of creativity to reduce inequality, enable inclusion and increase positive impact on our planet earth.


  1. To motivate students by blending design thinking with critical thinking, and to foster innovation that delivers customer-centric solutions
  2.  How to overcome challenges with critical thinking
  3. Solve real world problems


  1. Students were inspired by how the lead by design company solves critical problems
  2.  They were motivated and taught how to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas using the thinking process.

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