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Webinar for Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon Credit

Event Highlight

Session name: Bamboo Carbon Fixation and carbon Credit.

Session date & time: 24th June, 2022, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Session Chair

1. [India Chair]
Mr. Kamesh Salam
Bamboo Value Chain Management Expert,
Founder and Executive Director,
South Asia Bamboo Foundation

2. [Taiwan Chair]
Dr. Shau-Chun Wang
Department of Chemistry
And Biotechnology
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Keynote Speakers

1. Dr. Shyam K. Paudel
Chief Technical Adviser
Ecosystem based Adaptation [EbA]
UN Environment | Lao PDR Canada

2. Dr. Shitephen Wang
Research Fellow, Kyoto University

3. Dr. Lokessh Chandra Dube
Senior Manager
The Gold Standard Foundation

4. Mr. Marc Alfons M PEETERS

5. Dr. Yi-Hsiang Chen
R&D Deputy General Manager Far-East Bio-Tech


1. Marco Piazza
Forestry Officer, Food and Agriculture
Organisation of United Nations

2. Dr. Chih-Lu Wu
Research Fellow
National Chung Cheng University Taiwan

3. Hal Hinkle
CEO, Bamcore

2. Webinar for Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon Credit

Topics Discussed

1. Need for carbon craving to be solved by Bamboo Community in order for Bamboo Community to get benefit from carbon market.
2. Promote bamboo plantation to combat climate change.
3. Production of bamboo saplings using tissue culture.
4. Rehabilitation of wastelands using bamboo.
5. Bamboo being able to produce 30% more oxygen than trees per hectare.
6. Bio-application of microalgae on CO fixation with bamboo bio-char.
7. Net Ecosystem Production (NEP) in bamboo forest.
8. Future of bamboo in carbon market.
9. Relation between bamboo and buildings.

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