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One Day Social Service Camp

  1. The highlight of the event
  • Date: 25/05/2024
  • Time: 7:30 am to 2 pm
  • Venue: Manipur Technical University Campus
  • Mode of the event: Cleanliness Programme
  • Coordinator(s): Thingbaijam Rajkumari Chanu (PO NSS Unit-I) & Dr. Kakchingtbam Anil Sharma (PO NSS Unit-II)
  • Participants: NSS volunteers & Faculties and staff of the MTU
  1. About the event: The MTU NSS unit is in charge of organizing the event. It was a huge success, with NSS volunteers, faculty, and staff working together to improve cleaning standards, reduce littering, and encourage sustainable waste management.
  2. Aim and Objective: Enhance campus cleanliness, minimize littering, promote responsibility, and establish sustainable waste management practices.
  3. Outcomes: Improved cleanliness, reduced littering, increased awareness and participation, positive campus perception, and adoption of sustainable practices.
  4. Coordinator’s Statement: We are pleased to report our advancements as the program’s coordinators. Our campus is now much cleaner thanks to focused efforts and community involvement. Even while problems like changing behavior linger, we’re determined to keep up our efforts. We’ll keep creating a greener, healthier campus for all by making the most of our resources and enlisting the help of the community. I appreciate your help.

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