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One-Day Industrial Visit Program At Loktak Power Station, NHPC

The highlight of the Industrial Visit:

Date: 15th April, 2023

Time: 9am – 3pm

Venue: Loktak Power Station NHPC, Churachandpur Distrrict


  1. Oinam Manganleiba Meetei, Asst. Prof. & HoD

Participants: 36 Students accompanied by 6 faculties.

About the Industrial Visit:

 Under the authorization of the Chief General Manager, Loktak Power Station NHPC, Churachandpur Distrrict, the Department of Electrical Engineering of Manipur Technical University organized a one-day industrial visit at Loktak Power Station NHPC, Churachandpur District on 15th   April 2023. During the industrial visit, the engineers/employee of the station coordinated the team of MTU. The installed capacity of this Power Station is 3*35 MW with a total capacity of 105 MW and the design energy is 448 MU.

Loktak HEP is a reservoir-based project. The net head of the project is 298m. The total number of penstocks, pipes or long channels that carry water down from the hydroelectric reservoir to the turbines inside the actual power station is 3 in numbers. The penstock length is 1,346m. The penstock diameter is 2.286m. The project generated 448 GWh of electricity.

The outcome of the visit:

From this industrial visit, students gained a thorough understanding of the Power Station and enhanced the actual working of the types of equipment.

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