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One day industrial visit at power grid Imphal substation

Highlights of the industrial visit:

Date: 20th January 2023

Time: 3.30 pm

Venue: Power Grid Imphal Substation

Co-Ordinator(s): Oinam Manganleiba Meetei (Asst. Professor& HoD) Dpt. Of Electrical Engineering, Manipur Technical University, Imphal, Manipur

Participants:  40 students of the 5th Semester, Ranjita Lourembam (Asst. Professor), Oinam Manganleiba Meetei (Asst. Professor & HoD)  

 About the Industrial Visit:

The Department of Electrical Engineering of Manipur Technical University organized a one-day Students’ industrial visit at Power Grid, Imphal Substation on the 20th of January, 2023. This Power Grid has a voltage range of 132kV substation which provided five interstate Transmission Lines Systems in North-East India with a total transformation capacity of 100MVA. During the industrial visit, students acquired a deep idea about the generation plan, transmission plan, distribution plan and demand and supply scenario. And also elucidated the Single Line Diagram of the Power Grid, circuit breaker, lightning arrester, capacitor bank, air break switches/ isolator and many more to the students.

 Outcome of the visit: From this industrial visit we came to know about the different electrical equipment which are used in the power grid which help us to enhance and enlarge our practical knowledge.

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