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Observance of World Creativity and Innovation Day

The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), MTU conducted a one-day seminar on the topic ‘Driving Innovation through Design Thinking’ in connection to the observance of World Creativity and Innovation Day on the theme ‘Step Out and Innovate’. The seminar was organised on 21st April 2023 at 10 am in Room no. 101, Academic Block of MTU. Around 110 individuals (74 students, members of IIC and faculties of MTU) were present in the program. Participation certificates were given to all the participants.

Details of the event

Theme: Step Out and Innovate
Date: 21st April 2023
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Speaker: Mr. Ngangbam Harikrishna, Principal Product Designer, Funding Societies, Modalku Group
Participants: 110 (74 students, members of IIC and faculties of MTU) 

Biodata of the speaker

Mr. Ngangbam Harikrishna is the Principal Product Designer at Funding Societies, Modalku Group where he leverages his more than 8 years of design experience to create innovative products. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Mumbai University and a Master of Design from the National Institute of Design. Throughout his career, he has worked with prominent companies such as Samsung, Godrej, and Gojek.
Harikrishna is passionate about designing for often-overlooked user groups and being the voice of the voiceless. He advocates for inclusive design that is accessible to everyone and takes pride in using his skills to make a meaningful impact and advocate for those who may not have a platform.


  • To create better understanding about the process/concept of design thinking among students and help them to apply human-centered thinking approach to solve day to day problems as well as address the consumer/user needs
  • To help students learn how the concepts of design thinking be applied to produce innovative products and processes

Expected outcomes

  • Aid/help students to understand the concept of design thinking and how this process can lead to various innovative solutions
  • Motivate students to break down complex problems and generate solutions which are innovative, creative and more human


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