Kosygin Leishangthem

Kosygin Leishangthem
Assistant Professor

Bachelor’s Degree: B.E Civil Engineering, Manipur Institute of Techology, Imphal
Master’s Degree: M.Tech earthquake Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Silchar
PhD: Pursuing
Other: BSc Mathematics (Hr), Diploma in Multimedia and Web technology and PGDCA

Areas of Specialization:
Earthquake, Disaster Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Structural Engineering, Optimization

  1. “Mw 6.7 Earthquake of Manipur, NE India: Some Insights” Journal Geological Society of India, Vol.88,  July 2016, Pp. 5-12 (SCI), Arun Kumar1, Manichandra Sanoujam1, L. Someswar Roy1Kosygin L.1, W. Arun Kumar singh1and Ajeet P. Pandey2.
  1. Kosygin Leishangthem (2012) “Seismic Hazard Study of Imphal City” 2 days Seminar on  “Science for Shaping the Future of India” held at Manipur University.
  2. Kosygin Leishangthem. (2013) “PS-ENGG29: A new Ground Motion Attenuation relation for Indo -Myanmar Region”. Regional Science Congress, NER- Manipur University.
  3. Kosygin Leishangthem1, Rama Debbarma2, and Suresh Thokchom3 (2013) “PS- ENGG32: Study of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Fly ash Geopolymer”. Regional Science Congress, NER- Manipur University. 
  4. Manichandra Sanoujam, Kosygin L. & Arunkumar (2015) “Characteristics features of the seismic attenuation in Indo-Burman Ranges”. National seminar, Indian Sceince Congress,  Manipur University.
  5. Kosygin Leishangthem, Suresh Thokchom “ An Investigation on physicomechanical properties of rice husk Geopolymer” National Seminar, Indian Science Congress, Manipur University
  6. Kosygin Leishangthem (2019) “Utilizing Drone in Land Development” First National Conference on “Science & Technology for Society” titled KHUMANG 2019
  7. Promoting Leadership to the Woman Torchbearer of Manipur” 1st Series of Compendium in pursuance of the Honorables Prime Minister’s Agenda 3 about the ‘Role of Women in Disaster Risk Management’ Published by IUINDRR-NIDM National Institute of Disaster Management, (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India).
  8. Implementation of a Multiscale Method for Problems in Linear Elasticity” D Laishram, K Leishangthem, K Selija, K Karbia, International Conference on Science, Technology and Engineering, Springer Nature Singapore 119-129
  9. Assessment of Dimapur Sand with Local Sand Found in Manipur” K Selija, K Leishangthem, K Karbia, D Laishram International Conference on Science, Technology and Engineering, Springer Nature Singapore 51-59
  10. Slope Stability Analysis of Langdeibung Area Along Imphal-Jiribam National Highway (NH-37) Using Geoslope” K Karbia, KA Sharma, K Leishangthem, PJ Singh, K Selija, D Laishram International Conference on Science, Technology and Engineering, Springer Nature Singapore 11-20
  • Member Expert in developing course curriculums on Disaster Risk Reduction at the undergraduate level organized by India Universities and Institutions Network on Disaster Risk Reduction- National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Supervised lab Installation at the Puntland State University, Somaliland.
  • Supervised lab Installation at the Amound University, Somaliland.
  • Presented a Lecture on “Importance of Lab in Engineering” to Amound University, Borama, Somaliland on 11th April, 2019.
  • Presented a lecture on “Career Challenges in Civil Engineering” at Puntland State University, Somalia on 15th April, 2019.

• Co-Ordinator, IUINDRR-NIDM
• Vice-President, IIC, AICTE
• Nodal Officer – IPR Cell MTU under Patent Information Center (MASTEC), Imphal & TIFAC, DST, GoI.
• SPOC, SIH 2023, Ministry of Education and AICTE
• Head of Department, Department of Civil Engineering from 2016 till 2019
• Assistant Controller of Examination (Before Regular Assistant Controller of Examination was appointed)
• Single Point of Contact (SPOC), National Programmed on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
• Member of Syllabus & Curriculum preparation Committee
• Member of Admission Committee
• Co-Ordinator, Fenomenon- 2018 (Cultural Tech-Fest)
• Co-Ordinator, Student Academic Clubs
• Co-Ordinator, Identification of Student Mentors and faculty Advisors & Peer Learning Groups
• Co-Ordinator, Department of Civil Engineering, MoU with Industries
• Co-Ordinator, Industrial Consultation Committee (ICC)
• Co-Ordinator, Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)
• Co-Ordinator, NBA accreditation
• Co-Ordinator, Outcome Based Education
• Vice-President, IIC, AICTE