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Industrial Site Visit in Sewage Treatment Plant, Lamphelpat

1. The highlight of the event

  • Date: 29/04/2024
  • Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
  • Venue: Lamphelpat, Imphal West
  • Mode of the event: Site visit
  • Coordinator(s):
    • Dr. Kakchingtbam Anil Sharma
    • Koko Karbia
    • Kosygin Leishangthem
    • Dr. Sonika Thongram
    • Devasis Laishram
  • Participants: 6th & 8th semester students

2. About the event

  • A brief note on the subject matter:
    • Wastewater Composition: Understanding pollutants present and their concentrations.
    • Treatment Processes: Overview of stages like screening, sedimentation, and disinfection.
    • Infrastructure: Inspection of equipment like pumps, tanks, and clarifiers.
    • Environmental Impact: Assessment of treated effluent discharge and pollution mitigation.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Understanding permits and standards for water quality.
    • Safety Measures: Protocols for worker protection and accident prevention.
    • Community Engagement: Addressing concerns like odor and public perception.
    • Education: Learning opportunities for participants on wastewater management practices.

3. Aim and Objective:

  • Providing students with real-world exposure to industrial processes and operations, supplementing theoretical knowledge with practical experience.
  • Building relationships with industry professionals, future opportunities.

 4. Coordinator’s Statement:

We are looking forward to our industrial visit to the Sewage Treatment Plant on 29th April, 2024. This tour provides a priceless window into how the sewage treatment industry operates and teaches about its procedures


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