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Guest Talk on Social Leadership

TOPIC: Social Leadership

SPEAKER: Lourembam Loteeka Leima (North East Co-ordinator Beti Padhao Beti Bachao and Member of Nari Shakti

DATE: 3rd November 2022   


  • To make the students aware of how social leaders attentively listen to others with learning and engaging on what they share and discuss.
  • To spread the awareness among students on becoming Social leader by developing different characteristics of a leader.
  • Developing among students a sense of self-aware change agents who can work across difference of opinion and shared a same purpose.
  • To help the students in generating ideas through ‘Social’ collaboration.


The following points were highlighted and discussed

  • Various Motivational Theories.
  • Importance of social leaders in infinitesimal nature.
  • Student on becoming a good social leader by developing certain characteristics.
  • Self-awareness and self-motivation in becoming a great social leader.

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