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Faculty Development Programme on Pedagogy

Five days Faculty Development Programme on Pedagogy was organised by the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of Manipur Technical University from 26th March to 30th March 2019. The event is sponsored by TEQIP III.

About the Workshop

The programme intends to develop various strategies pertaining to teaching for effectively improving the process of teaching-learning by discussing major concepts and practices. The targeted audience for this programme is all the teachers who are imparting higher education to students for sustainable growth and development of the society. The outcome of this programme is expected to bring about a healthy enhancement in the academic and intellectual environment at their respective institutions of the participating faculties.

  • To understand the philosophy of teaching and the role of a teacher
  • To develop effective teaching skills for attaining excellence in higher education
  • To enable them to develop suitable tools of evaluation
  • To enable the participants to communicate effectively in the classroom
  • To appreciate the relevance of active teaching methods for better student learning
Resource Persons
  1. H Jayantakumar Singh, Department of Mathematics, DM College of Science (Retd.)
  2. W. Jyotirmoy Singh, Associate Professor, DM College of Teacher Education
  3. Shri Kh. Dineshkumar Singh, Associate Professor, DM College of Teacher Education
  4. Th. Monica Devi, Assistant Professor, Department of Teachers’ Education, Manipur University
  1. Rajkumar Kamaljit Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, MTU
  2. Ningombam Swapana, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, MTU
  3. Anand Jyoti Sanasam, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, MTU
  4. Thokchom Chhatrajit Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, MTU

From this workshop, it is learned that

  • the basic activities a teacher should do to help students learn and progress
  • the basics required to assess students in an organized and professional way
    • Assessment for Learning
    • Assessment as Learning
    • Assessment of Learning
  • the importance of all the above assessments and their relationship

This workshop has also convinced the participants

  • the need to adopt “Design of Question Paper” for each paper not only in the basic sciences but also in engineering subjects
  • the need to understand the objective of each question and test the students

Rationality for adopting “Design of Question Paper”

  • to minimize heterogeneity to objectives of questions, forms of questions, content, scheme of section, scheme of option and difficulty level
  • to bring balanced questions in every evaluation and assessment
  • to increase reliability in “Assessment of Learning”
  • to improve the validity and reliability of the grades (marks) of students


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