Dr Lourembam Iboyaima Singh

Dr Lourembam Iboyaima Singh

Assistant Professor


Bachelor’s Degree: B. A (Gen)
Master’s Degree: M. A (Linguistics)
Ph.D: Ph.D(Linguistics)
Others: M. Phil (Linguistics), Korean Language (Intermediate Level 1)

Areas of Specialization:

Professional/Business Communication, Spoken English and Phonetics, Linguistics, Soft Skills and related areas, Korean, Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics

  1. Member, TDIL Programme for ‘Meitei (Manipuri) Script’ in the BMP of Unicode prepared by Berkeley University, Department of I.T., Ministry of Communications and I.T., Govt. of India. (2007)
  1. Paper titled ‘ Problems faced in Korean language Education in Manipur University’, in the journal ‘ Language in India’ pg. no. 57-67, ISSN/ISBN no.1930-2940.
  2. Paper titled ‘ Acquisition of Negation in manipuri Speaking Children’, in the journal ‘ Language in India’ pg. no. 68-78, ISSN/ISBN no.1930-2940.
  1. Chapter titled ‘ Korean language teaching and use of equivalent grammatical particles in Manipuri and Korean in the book ‘ Korean Language Education in India: Strategy and Methodology’ published by Goyal Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd.  ISBN- 978-93-86862-33-4.
  1. Co-ordinator IQAC (MTU)
  2. HOD, Humanities and Social Science
  3. Member, Examination Sub-Committee, Disciplinary Committee