Dr. Khagokpam Gopal Krishna Singh

Dr Khagokpam Gopal Krishna Singh

Dr Khagokpam Gopal Krishna Singh

Assistant Professor & Head of Department


  1. Bachelor of Technology: Mechanical Engineering, 2010, Calicut University, Kerala
  2. Master of Technology: Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2013, VTU, Karnataka
  3. PhD.: Materials and Manufacturing Technology, NIT-SILCHAR, 2019

Areas of Specialization:

Phase change materials and their encapsulation technology, Low cost and novel construction materials, Surface functionalization , Epoxy composites materials ,Bio-composites

  1. Jal Abhyaranya Campaign (JAC 2019) for Water Security in IHR for North Cacher (Dema Hasao), Assam.
  2. Synthesis and characterization of smart phase change materials for efficient thermal management of electronic devices, STIS, NIT Silchar, 2016.
  3. Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Material Testing, DST-FIST 2015.
  1. Kh. Gopal Krishna Singh, Halder S, et al. “Microencapsulation of Paraffin Wax Microspheres with Silver”. Defence science journal, 2018; 68: 218–24 (SCI)   https://publications.drdo.gov.in/ojs/index.php/dsj/article/view/11410
  2. Kh. Gopal Krishna Singh, Sudipta Halder, “Paraffin wax microsphere embedded epoxy composites for potential thermal management in electronic devices”. High Perform Polym,  2017.  https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0954008318792984  (SCI)
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[1]     Sudipta Halder, Kh Gopal Krishna Singh, “A system and method for multi shell wall microcapsules”, Application No. 201931023343, dtd. 12/06/2019.
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