Chiranjiv Chingangbam

Chiranjiv Chingangbam
Assistant Professor

Bachelor’s Degree: B.E. (CSE) (Hons) from Manipur University (Manipur Institute of Technology)
Master’s Degree: M.Tech (CSE) from National Institute of Technology, Manipur

Areas of Specialization:
Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

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  2. Devi, W. R., & Chingangbam, C. (2021). Sentiment Analysis for Electoral Prediction Using Twitter Data. In Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and Information Security (pp. 25-33). Springer, Singapore.
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  5. Reema Devi, W., Roy, S., Thongam, K., & Chingangbam, C. (2023). DenseRes-Net: An Architecture for Gland Segmentation. SN Computer Science, 4(5), 521.
  1. Former Head of The Department (CSE) during 2019-2021.
  2. Former Examination Sub-Committee Member.
  3. AIU Co-ordinator.
  4. Training & Placement Departmental Co-ordinator.