Collaborative info session regarding study and work in Japan

 1. The highlight of the event: Collaborative info session regarding study and job in Japan.
✔ Date: 16th November, 2023
✔ Time: 2-3 pm
✔ Venue: Room 101, Manipur Technical University
✔ Mode of the event: Offline
✔ Resource Person(s): Prof. Y. Miyauchi, Director of Recruiting, International University of Japan & Mr. Raj (Bobo) Khumukcham, Sales Engineer, Fuji Coorporation, Japan and Alumni International University of Japan (IUJ)
✔ Coordinator(s): Dr. Angom Devadatta Mani
✔ Participants: Students and faculties

2. About the event
✔ A brief note on the subject matter or topic: Collaborative info session regarding study and job in Japan. The session highlighted several opportunities available in Japan in terms of scholarship, job, University Linkage Program etc.
✔ Aim and Objective: The session aims to motivate the students to go for higher studies abroad in Japan. The cross-culture interaction between different sections will help in excelling the students in many aspects.

3. Event schedule

  • 2 pm – Arrival of the Guests
  • 2:05 pm – Welcome speech by the Coordinator
  • 2:10 pm – Speech by Assistant Registrar, MTU and welcoming the guests with a token of appreciation
  • 2:20 pm – Speech by Prof. Y. Miyauchi, Director of Recruiting, International University of Japan (IUJ)
  • 2:40 pm – Speech by Mr. Raj (Bobo) Khumukcham, Alumni IUJ, Engineer, Fuji Corporation Japan
  • 2:50 pm- Q & A session
  • 3:10 pm- Light refreshment followed by photo session
  • 3:15 pm- Vote of thanks

4. Coordinator’s Statement:
Organizing such an amazing session will help the students to inculcate ample knowledge of study, stay and earnings in abroad especially in Japan. This collaboration also provides an opportunity to have an international exposure for our students, faculties and even the university itself. As recommended by the experts, further follow-ups will be updated for future actions.

5. Participants’ feedback:
The theme of the session is highly appreciated and overwhelmed. An overall positive feedback is received from the participants.

6. Future Action/ Follow-up Action Plan:
The expert committee will be in touch throughout the year. The important dates and timings will be updated time-to-time.

7. Event Outcome with Concluding Remarks:
The session not only discussed the academics but also relates the corresponding job opportunities in Japan. The students were highly motivated and interested to the information given by the experts. There was a long Q&A session after the talk, enabling them to clear all the related doubts. The session is concluded successfully after having a light refreshment followed by a photo session with the students and faculties.

8. Acknowledgement:


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