Vision and Mission


The objectives of the University strictly adheres to the spirit of the Act. The goals are as follows:

  • To disseminate, create and preserve the knowledge in the field of technical education for the advancement of mankind and understanding by teaching, training, and research

  • To develop work culture and promote the dignity of labour through applied components in the syllabi and to promote entrepreneurship among students so as to make technical education a valid means of job creations, rather than the job seekers

  • To promote better interaction and coordination among different universities and colleges, by all means, generally, to improve the governance of the University and facilities it provides for technical education

  • To generate and promote a sense of self-respect and dignity amongst the weaker sections of the society

  • To strive, to promote competitive merit and excellence as the sole guiding criterion in all academic and other matters relating to students

  • To extend its frontiers of academic excellence to the rural, tribal and backward areas; and

  • To set up centres of advanced technology in areas of high national relevance with a view to fostering innovation and creativity