Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor's Message

Never say ‘NO’ 
Never say ‘I CANNOT’ 
For you are the ‘INFINITE’

~Swami Vivekananda

Dr Bhabeshar Tongbram

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor 
Dr Bhabeswar Tongbram

 Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential.


It gives an immense pleasure to be part of Manipur Technical University as its Vice Chancellor and lead from front in its endeavor to create a student centric, outcome based and experiential learning hub for technical education, in Manipur in particular and North East India – the gateway to South East Asia and the world at large.


With its rich bio diversity, grand traditional knowledge system, beautiful climatic condition , great location and the great innovative young minds of the populace , Manipur Technical University has great responsibility and opportunity in tackling the changing knowledge landscape with scientific and technological advances.


The new focus on climate change, increasing pollution, depleting natural resources and the quests for world energy needs, water, food, sanitization and shelter will be the focus areas  of study , research, innovation , collaboration, prototyping, testing and scaling up for Manipur Technical University. The growing emergence of epidemics and pandemic also calls for technology intervention , collaborative researches in infectious disease management, development of vaccines and alternative mitigation technology , management of resultant social issues, awareness apps techniques ,multidisciplinary learning and approach.


Manipur Technical University will adapt to the changing employment landscape and global ecosystem keeping in mind the local needs and problems of the North East.


Manipur Technical University will move towards less content, more towards learning about how to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative and multidisciplinary, and how to innovate, adapt and absorb new material in novel and changing fields in the global scenarios.


Learning in Manipur Technical University will be more experimental, holistic, integrated, enquiry driven, discovery oriented, learner-centred, discussion based, flexible and of course enjoyable.


Education in Manipur Technical University will build character, ethical, rational, compassionate caring while at the same time prepare them for gainful fulfilling employment.


Manipur Technical University envisage equal opportunity for all its students regardless of gender, religion, culture, social or economic background.


Manipur Technical University is working on collaboration with Indian and other international universities in the field of green technology, bamboo technology, machine translation, information and data services and establishment of technology centres, incubation centres, start-up, entrepreneurial development activities . The institute innovation council will be further strengthened. There are MOUs signed among the regional Central and State universities regards to resource sharing, common training and allied courses, researches, consultation and data sharing. We are all looking further and forward to structural training programmes on soft skills, preparatory training for quality placement of students.


We strongly believe Manipur Technical University is marching forward and at greater momentum and on the right direction, providing a holistic education to the future generation and playing an important role to make India (Bharat) an equitable and vibrant knowledge society and towards a knowledge super power.