Two Days Workshop on Recent and Current Practices in Civil Engineering with Introduction to Industry Oriented Software

A two Days Workshop was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering on 28th February- 1st March 2019 sponsored by TEQIP III. Students of Manipur Technical University and Manipur Institute of Technology participated in the workshop.


The workshop mainly focuses on alternative methods of construction and civil engineering software which serve as a toolkit for all civil engineers. It introduces the current industry-ready software with a demo on a few selected software. The duration of the workshop was for two consecutive days, six hours of a session each day and a total of 12 hours.

Aim and Objective

To introduce to the participants the current and recent practices in civil engineering projects and the need and requirements for the right software for effective management of projects.

Resource Persons
  1. Dr Huidrom Lokeshor( senior Technical officer information Liaison, Training division, CSRI- central Road Research Institute, New Delhi)
  2. Th. Joykumar Singh, Chief Engineer (Retd.) PWD
  3. Helena Huidrom (Assisted by A. Narendradhwaja) Engineer PWD
  4. Purus Yurembam (SINTHOU Architecture & Engineering )
  5. Yaiphaba Nepram (HABITAT Design Studio)
  6. Nongmaithem Anand (Assistant Professor Dept. of Civil Engineering, Manipur Technical University)
Workshop Coordinator

Nongmaithem Anand
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Civil Engineering, Manipur Technical University

Workshop Content
Day 1 [28th February 2019] Day 2 [1st March 2019]
Introduction to Road Survey System using
‘Portable Automated Road Survey System’ (PARASS)
Introduction to Structural Analysis and Design Software using
Confined Masonry Conventional and Unconventional Building Techniques
Behaviour of Non-Structural Elements during Earthquake Introduction to Other Civil Engineering Softwares


The event saw participation by students of Manipur Technical University and other colleges.

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