Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers BE in Mechanical Engineering. The department has well qualified, experienced and committed faculty to provide quality education to the students. The students are trained with multidimensional skill sets covering all the required graduate attributes. The curriculum of the department is more emphasized in practical learning and projects. Students are exposed to global challenges and are educated to become engineers to cater the ever-changing industrial demands and social needs.

The Department was established in 2016 with an intake of 30 and another 6 for lateral entry for the students who have completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.


Course Structure

Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
MA2303 Mathematics III 3-1-0-3.5
ME2304 Material Science & Metallurgy 2-1-0-2.5
ME2306 Solid Mechanics 3-1-0-3.5
ME2307 Manufacturing Technology-I 3-0-0-3
ME2309 Thermodynamics 3-1-0-3.5
ME2310 Machine Drawing & Computer Graphics 2-0-2-3
ME2305 Strength Of Materials Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
ME2308 Manufacturing Process-I Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
PC2302 Technical Communications and Soft Skills 2-0-0
  Total credits 22

The course curriculum for all the semesters is subject to changes according to the requirement by the authority.

Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
MA2404 Mathematics IV 3-1-0-3.5
ME2411 Fluid Mechanics 3-1-0-3.5
ME2413 Mechanical Measurements And Metrology 2-1-2-3.5
ME2414 Kinematics Of Machines 3-1-0-3.5
ME2415 Manufacturing Technology-II 3-0-0-3
EN2401 Economics For Engineers 2-1-0-2.5
ME2412 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
ME2416 Manufacturing Technology-II Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
MG2401 Professional Ethics 2-0-0
  Total credits 22.5
Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
ME3517 Project And Production Management 3-1-0-3.5
ME3518 Turbomachinery 3-1-0-3.5
MG2402 Principles Of Management 2-1-0-2.5
ME3520 I.C. Engines And Refrigeration 3-1-0-2.5
ME3521 Dynamics Of Machines 3-1-0-3.5
ME3523 Design Of Machine Elements –I 3-1-0-3.5
ME3522 Dynamics Laboratory 0-0-2-1
ME3524 Energy Conversion Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
ME3519 Turbo Machines Lab 0-0-2-1
  Total credits 22.5
Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
ME3625 Control Engineering 3-1-0-3.5
ME3626 Heat And Mass Transfer 3-1-0-3.5
ME3628 Mechanical Vibrations 3-1-0-3.5
ME3629 Design Of Machine Elements-II 3-1-0-3.5
ME3630 Modelling & Finite Element Analysis 3-1-0-3.5
ME3631 Operations Research 2-2-0-3
ME3632 Cad/Cam Laboratory 0-0-3-1.5
ME3627 Heat Transfer Lab 0-0-2-1
  Total credits 23
Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
MExxxx DEC-I 3-0-0-3
ME4733 Computational Fluid Dynamics 2-0-2-3
ME4734 Tribology 3-1-0-3.5
ME4736 Mechatronics 3-1-0-3.5
ME4738 Power Plant Engineering 3-1-0-3.5
ME4735 Tribology Lab 0-0-3-1.5
ME4737 Mechatronics Lab 0-0-3-1.5
ME4739 Minor Project 0-0-4-2
  Training Seminar 0-0-2-1
  Total credits 22.5
Course No Course Name L-T-P-C
  UEC 0-0-0-3/3.5
MExxxx DEC-II 3-0-0-3
MExxxx DEC – III 3-0-0-3
ME4840 Project 0-0-16-8
  Total credits 17-17.5


The department has a team of dynamic and well-experienced faculties.

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