The Department of Management envisages providing the exposure to management as a subject which has become vital today to enable the students to understand the intricacies surrounding the field as well as to remain abreast of the latest developments in the area. It is of significant value to gain knowledge and necessary skills on the subject and it can also enable to compete in an increasingly complex and competitive global arena where changes and innovations are taking place at a rapid pace . The department is actively involved in all the extracurricular activities of the University such as Sports Meet, workshop, Seminar, etc. The department started its First Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programme from 2021 session.

Course Structure

Semester I

CodeCourseLTPNo. of creditNo. of hours
MBA 1101Organizational Behaviour300345
MBA 1102Quantitative Methods310445
MBA 1103
Managerial Economics310445
MBA 1104Financial Accounting210345
MBA 1105
Marketing Management300345
MBA 1106Human Resource Management300345
MBA 1107Business Communication and presentation skills210345
MBA 1108Management of Information System301445

Semester II

CodeCourseLTPNo. of creditNo. of hours
MBA 1209
Indian Banking and Indian Economy 301445
MBA 1210Communication and Management Skill Development300345
MBA 1211International Economic Environment 300345
MBA 1212Financial Management300345
MBA 1213Business Research Methodology310445
MBA 1214Operation Management300345
MBA 1215Business Law301445
MBA 1216Environment Management300345
MBA 1217
Project Report and Viva Voce
A viva will be conducted for students who undergo a summer training for 4weeks and prepare a project report.


The department has a team of dynamic and well-experienced faculties.

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