Check out this space for upcoming event(s).

Check out this space for ongoing events.

Completed Events

 Sl. No.  Event  Date
 1 Virtual Talk on Innovation and Startup Ecosystem  15-06-2021
 2 Webinar on Building an Innovation/product fit for market  15-06-2021
 3 Virtual Roadshow on Seeding Bio-entrepreneurshio in Manipur  15-07-2021
 4 National Webinar on Evaluation and Implementation of Alternate Water Treatement Technologies at an Existing Water Treatment Plant  10-07-2021
 5 National Webinar on  Design and Condition Assessment of Structures  10-07-2021
 6 National Webinar on Dispute Resolution and Technology in Construction Industry   10-07-2021
 7 Two weeks short-term course on Latex  20-09-2021 to 02-10-2021
 8 One day seminar on Cognitive Skills, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking   30-10-2021
 9 One day seminar on How to start a Startup   30-10-2021
 10 One day seminar on Entrepreneurship for Global Market 31-10-2021
 11 MBA Induction Program 2021 17-11-2021 to 20-11-2021
 11 B.Tech Induction Program 2021 03-11-2021 to 30-11-2021