Computer Science and Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the five (5) Engineering Department of Manipur Technical University. It administers Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engg Degree.

The Deptt. provide a comprehensive program that emphasizes algorithms and theory, advanced computer architecture , computer vision and pattern recognition, data mining and machine learning, distributed systems and grid computing, operating systems and computer networks, computer security, and scientific computing and IoT.

The Deptt. organizes various workshops, seminars, innovation programmes to enhance students’ skill tailored to IT industry requirements.

Course Structure

Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
MA2303 Mathematics-III 3-1-0-3.5
EC2342 Analog and Digital System 2-1-2-3.5
CS2302 Data Structure 3-1-0-3.5
CS2304 Discrete mathematics 3-1-0-3.5
CS2305 Computer Organization and Architecture 2-1-0-2.5
CS2306 Object Oriented Programming using C++ 3-1-0-3.5
CS2303 Data Structure Lab 0-0-3-1.5
CS2307 OOP Lab using C++ 0-0-3-1.5
PC2302 Technical Communication and Soft Skill 2-0-0
  Total Credits 23
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
MA2404 Mathematics-IV 3-1-0-3.5
EC3620 Digital Communication 2-1-2-3.5
CS2408 Theory of Computation 2-1-0.2.5
CS2409 Operating System 3-1-0-3.5
CS2411 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3-1-0-3.5
EN2401 Economics for Engineer 2-1-0.2.5
CS2412 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab 0-0-3-1.5
CS2410 Operating System LAB 0-0-3-1.5
MG2401 Professional Ethics 2-0-0
  Total Credits 22
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
MG3502 Principles of Management 2-1-0-2.5
CS3513 Graph Theory 3-0-0-3
CS3514 Microprocessor and Microcontrollers 2-1-2-3.5
CS3515 Database Management System 3-1-0-3.5
CS3517 Compiler Design 3-0-0-3
CS3518 Software Engineering 3-0-0-3
CS3519 Software Engineering & Compiler Design Lab 0-0-3-1.5
CS3516 DBMS LAB 0-0-3-1.5
  Total Credits 21.5
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
CS3620 JAVA Programming 2-1-2-3.5
CS3621 AI & Robotics 3-0-0-3
CS3622 Pattern Recognition 3-0-0-3
CS3623 Computer Graphics and Visualization 3-0-0-3
CS3625 Digital Signal Processing 3-1-0-3.5
CS3626 Computer Networks 3-0-0-3
CS3624 Computer Graphics Lab 0-0-3-1.5
CS3627 Computer Networks Lab using Matlab 0-0-3-1.5
  Total Credits 22
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
CSxxxx DEC-I 3-0-0-3
CS4728 Embedded Computing System 3-0-0-3
CS4729 Cryptography and Informational Security 3-0-0-3
CS4731 Soft Computing 3-0-0-3
CS4733 Advanced Numerical Method 2-1-2-3.5
CS4734 Mobile Computing 3-0-0-3.5
CS4732 Soft Computing Lab 0-0-2-1
CS4730 Cryptography and Informational Security Lab 0-0-2-1
CS4735 Minor Project 0-0-4-2
  Training Seminar 0-0-2-1
  Total Credits 24
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
  UEC -I 0-0-0-3/3.5
CSxxxx DEC II 3-0-0-3
CSxxxx DEC III 3-0-0-3
CS4836 Project 0-0-16-8
  Total Credits 17-17.5

The course curriculum for all the semesters is subject to changes according to the requirement by the authority.


The department has a team of dynamic and well-experienced faculties.

Departmental News and Events