Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering of the Manipur Technical University was established in the year 2016 under the School of Engineering for offering B. Tech. Degree. The department aims to provide quality educational, research and professional experiences that enable our graduates to become leaders in their professional careers, to pursue excellence in research, and to serve the profession, community and nation, and to be competitive in the international scene. The Department offers for admission in 4 years B. Tech. Course with an intake of 30 students.

Course Structure

Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
MA 201 Mathematics III 3-0-0-6
CE 201 Solid Mechanics 3-1-0-8
CE 203 Engineering Geology 3-0-0-6
CE 205 Civil Engineering Materials 3-0-0-6
CE 207 Surveying 3-0-0-6
CE 231 Civil Engineering Materials Lab 0-0-3-3
CE 235 Surveying Laboratory 0-0-3-3
CE 233 Building Drawing and CAD lab. 1-0-2-4
SA 201 NCC/NSS/NSO I 0-0-2-0
  Total Credits 16-1-8-42

The course curriculum for all the semesters is subject to changes according to the requirement by the authority.

Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
MA 2xx Numerical Methods 3-0-0-6
CE 202 Structural Analysis I 3-1-0-8
CE 204 Environmental Engineering I 3-0-0-6
CE 206 Geotechnical Engineering I 3-0-0-6
CE 208 Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 3-0-0-6
CE 232 Environmental Engineering Lab 0-0-3-3
CE 234 Geotechnical Engineering I Laboratory 0-0-3-3
SA 202 NCC/NSS/NSO II 0-0-2-0
  Total Credits 15-1-6-38
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
CE 301 Structural Analysis II 3-1-0-8
CE 303 Environmental Engineering II 3-0-0-6
CE 305 Geotechnical Engineering II 3-0-0-6
CE 307 Fluid Mechanics 3-0-0-6
CE 309 Reinforced Concrete Design 3-0-0-6
CE 331 Geotechnical Engineering II Laboratory 0-0-3-3
CE 333 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 0-0-3-3
  Total Credits 15-1-6-38
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
HS XXX HSS II 2-0-0-4
CE 302 Transportation Engineering I 3-0-0-6
CE 304 Construction Technology and Management 3-0-0-6
CE 306 Design of Steel Structures 3-1-0-8
CE 308 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures 3-0-0-6
CE 332 Transportation Engineering I Laboratory 0-0-3-3 
CE 334 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures Lab 0-0-3-3 
  Total Credits 15-1-6-36
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
HS xx HSS III 2-0-0-4
CE 401 Transportation Engineering II 3-0-0-6
CE 4xx Departmental Elective I 3-0-0-6
CE 4xx Departmental Elective II 3-0-0-6
XX 4xx Open Elective I 3-0-0-6
CE 431     Computational lab. 0-0-3-3
  Total Credits 14-0-3-31
Course No. Course Name L-T-P-C
CE xxx Departmental Elective III 3-0-0-6
CE xxx Departmental Elective IV 3-0-0-6
HS 4xx Open Elective II 3-0-0-6
CE 432 Project 0-0-9-9
  Total Credits 9-0-9-27


The department has a team of dynamic and well-experienced faculties.

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