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One Day Workshop on Pre-fabricated Building Materials in Association with Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd.

A one day workshop on on Pre-fabricated Building Materials was organised by the Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, MTU under TEQIP-III in Association with Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd.

Highlight of the workshop
Date: 16/11/2019
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Venue: Employability Training Hall, MTU
Mode of the event: Workshop and lecture by Industry Experts

Resource Persons:
  1. Somen Lahiri
  2. Ritesh Ghosh
  3. Arun Laishram
  • Nongmaithem Anand (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Manipur Technical University)
  • Yengkhom Milanner Singh (HoD, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Manipur Technical University)
  • 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester students of MTU, Students of MIT and faculties of MTU.
About the workshop

The workshop  was conducted covering the subject matter on revamping knowledge on modern-day construction materials, especially, on pre-fabricated building materials which are low cost, suitable for earthquake-prone areas and have high thermal insulation properties.

Aim and Objective:

The objective is to provide exposure to students about manufacturing practices of pre-fabricated building materials and knowledge of its implementation on the existing field conditions. It also aimed to highlight the construction practices involved in the installation of insulated panels which differ from normal masonry and R.C.C construction. Hands on training gives awareness about new technologies and technology development about which students should have a good knowledge. It also aimed at creating chances for job placement and training at Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Coordinator’s Statement

Attending such kind of workshops help the students to gain practical knowledge outside the classroom environment and help students to create and build their Proforma.

Future Action/ Follow – up Action Plan

Training and placement of students in Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd. and recommendation and adoption of low-cost building material in any upcoming projects of MTU.

Event Outcomes with concluding remarks

The event saw participation by students of Manipur Technical University whose knowledge on engineering subjects highly got improved as seen in the reports submitted by them. It also helped publicize Manipur Technical University with respect to how the institute is performing in organizing co-curricular activities.


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Industrial Visit to the Leimatak power house under NHPC Ltd

An Industrial Visit to Leimatak power house was organized by the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Manipur Technical University, sponsored by TEQIP-III on 2nd November, 2019.

About the event

Departments of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have organized a one day Industrial Visit to the Leimatak power house under NHPC Ltd. Which is 38 km away from the University. A team of 45 members comprise of 36 students, 6 faculty members and 3 other subordinate staffs joined the industrial visit.

  • Date:2nd November, 2019
  • Time: 9: 00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Venue: Leimatak power house under NHPC Ltd, Leimatak, Manipur.
  • Mode of the event: Industrial Visit
  • Participants: Students of Semester of EE department and 5th and 7th semester students of ME department
Aim and Objective

To understand the construction, operation and control of the hydro-electric power generation.

Resource Persons

Mr. Mohanbemo Nguille (SM, Electrical), NHPC Ltd.

  1. Haobam Jaillendro Khuman, Assistant Professor and Head, Dept of EE,  Manipur Technical University and
  2. Yengkhom Milannar Singh, Assistant Professor and Head, Dept of ME, Manipur Technical University
Coordinator’s Statement

The students have gained the practical knowledge and also got the exposures to the real-life working environment of hydro-electric power generation which will make them ready and prepared themselves as per the industry requirement. The event was successfully held and the students were satisfied with such an industrial visit. They suggested to go more such industrial visit in the near future.

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Two Days Workshop on Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering

Two Days Workshop on Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering

A two days Workshop on “Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering” was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MTU under TEQIP-III on 1st-2nd March 2019.

Aim and Objective

The aim of the two-day workshop is to impart technical knowledge and skills to the undergraduate students pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering of Manipur Technical University (MTU). The resource persons have been selected on the basis of their highly expertise and knowledge on their respective field of interest and research.

Resource Persons

1. Prof. A.K.Das
Indian Institute of Information and technology, Manipur

2. Prof. Dr Goutam Sutradhar,
National Institute of Technology, Manipur

3. Prof T.N. Verma
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Manipur

4. E r. TH. Subhaschandra Singh
Chartered Engineer (India)
Honorary Joint Secretary
The Institution of Engineers (India )
Manipur State Centre
Faculty, Department Of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute Of Technology Manipur

Workshop Coordinator

Dr Prerana Nashine
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Manipur Technical University

Workshop Content
Day-1 [1st March 2019] Day-2 [2nd March 2019]
Lecture by Prof. Gautom Sutradhar Lecture by Prof. A. K. Das
Lecture by Prof. T.N.Verma Interaction programme with the participants
Interaction programme with the participants Lecture by Prof. T.N.Verma, NIT Manipur
Lecture by Dr. Prerana Nashine Lecture by Er. TH. Subhaschandra Singh



Event Outcome

The expected outcome of the workshop is to give exposure to the participants about research-oriented fields of Mechanical Engineering, industry-based case study and the importance of taking up research at an early stage. After successful completion of the workshop, the participants are expected to be motivated to read and find out more about the present advancements in Mechanical Engineering through e-resources and Journals papers.

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Two Days Training program on Automobile Engineering

A two-day training program was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 4th February and 5th February, 2019 which is being funded by the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP III). 


Aim and Objective

The training was held with the help of Eastern Motors Servicing Centre. It was organized for two consecutive days, each of the days has six hours of a session. Students of the first year, second year and third year of this university participated in the program. The main objective of the program is to introduce the concept of the assemble and disassemble of the automobile parts. In this training, students participated in the activities of the automobile working system and the function of each engines part. 

Resource Person

Anirban Roy
Workshop Manager
Eastern Motors Service Division

Event Coordinator

Yengkhom Milannar Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Date Moring Break Afternoon
4/2/2019 10 am to 12 am 12 am to 1 pm 1 pm to 4 pm
5/2/2019 10 am to 12 am 1 pm to 4 pm


This training program can be helpful to the student in achieving success in their academic activities. The skills learned to allow for greater job opportunities when student have the education to back up their experience.

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Lamdan Hiking Trip in collaboration with MMTA from 30-03-2018 to 31-03-2018

The Manipur Technical University in collaboration with Manipur Mountaineering and Treking association is organizing a hiking trip for the 1st year students and 2nd year deptt of CSE and ME from 30-March-2018 to 31-March-2018.

The Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA), are engaged in promotion of these facilities.

There are numerous land, water and air based adventure sports sites across the State, such as, the Loktak lake: for water sports; the Barak river: for rafting; the Mount Iso along with Dzuko Valley famous for its endemic Dzuko Lily (Lilium chitrangadae) and the Shirui Hill famous for the rare Shirui Lily (Lilium mackliniae): for mountain climbing and trekking; the Tharon and Khangkhui Caves: for caving adventures; and the Koirengei Old Airfield and Nongmaiching foot-hills at Wakha: for hang gliding, paragliding and parasailing are some of the celebrated adventure sports and eco-tourism sites.

The Adventure and Leadership Park run by the Manipur Mountaineering Institute (MMI) of the MMTA, located at Lamdan, near the Loktak Hydro-Electric Project, about 35km. from Imphal, over an area of around 250 hectares with natural rock is the first of its kind in India.

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Two Days workshop on Sensor guided Robotics in collaboration with Roboversity (28-03-2018 to 29-03-2018)

Roboversity is the Leading education provider in the field of Robotics in India delivering quality services through hands-on,practical, application-oriented workshops, trainings, projects and internships. You can participate in any of the Roboversity workshops including 7 Robots (Com-bo Course), Mobile Robotics, Solar and Smart Energy Systems, Anima-tronic Hand, Quadcopter, Haptic Arm, Sensor Guided Robotics, Gesture BasedRobotics, Swarm Robotics, Image Processing, Automated Railway Crossing, PCB Manufacturing, Bluetooth
Robotics,Solar Mobile Charger, Tricopter, Hexapod, ARM Architecture, Maze Solver Robot, Persistence of Vision, Home Automation System, IoT using Raspberry Pi, Automatic Solar Tracker, Access Control with RFID, Biometric Authentication, GPS & GSM based Tracker, etc..

What is this course about?

In this course, you will develop 3 different basic autonomous robots which are guided using sensors. The first robot will be a line follower which is programmed to follow a line. This robot detects the path using infra-red sensors which work on the principle of reflection of light. Using the same sensors, you will also develop robots that can avoid/follow obstacles or light.

Robots developed as part of this course

Line Follower Robot
Phototropic/Obstacle Follower Robot
Photophobic/Obstacle Avoider Robot

Course OutcomesUnderstanding of Line Following Robot, Phototropic/Obstacle Follower Robot, and Photophobic/Obstacle Avoider Robot.
Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers.
Participants are encouraged to think and come up with new designs.
Kit ContentSkyfi Labs’ Robotics Development Board
IR Sensors
DC Motors
9V Battery
USB-ASP Programmer
Wire stripper*
Screw driver*

* marked items will be taken back in classroom training

Course Fees:Rs 6000/- (for a team of max 5 members)


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