Basic Computer (Hardware and Software) Skill Development Workshop conducted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering

On 17th June 2022, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Manipur Technical University conducted a Basic Computer Skill Development workshop for Government Higher Secondary Schools of Manipur. The workshop was conducted by the 6th semester students of the department as part of their continuous assessment for school students who have little or no prior experience with computer and those who needed help in understanding the fundamental hardware and software skills in an interactive classroom environment. Around 80 students participated in the workshop and learned to access, create, save and manage documents, presentations, spread sheets using Microsoft Office applications and also demystified terminology of hardware components. Through the workshop, the school students were able to understand and learn the following.

  1. Create, save, share and format documents using Microsoft word by applying pre-designed styles, formatting texts with colours and fonts, inserting pictures and working with bullets, indents, line spacing and tables.
  2. Understand spreadsheet functionality to create spreadsheet in Microsoft excel, inserting formulae perform calculations, charts and shortcuts.
  3. Creating presentation, designing with text, font, bullets or numbered list, images, animations and transitions.
  4. Understand various hardware components such as motherboard, hard drive, RAM, CPU, power supply, cooling system, video, sound and network cards and device connecting ports such as USB, Ethernet, Serial, game port , VDA etc.

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