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Real-Time Project Demonstration Competition

Real-Time Project Demonstration Competition


In this modern era, everyone is driven by the technology. The advancement in technology has played a very huge role in the evolvement of human civilization. Technology have provided numerous innovative ways for doing work smartly unlike years ago. It has helped in improving the effectiveness and productivity of work for individual and in groups in shorter amount of period.

The event of Real-Time Project Demonstration Competition held on 28th June 2022 is the 2nd version of its kind which was initially started by the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Manipur Technical University under the name Demonstration of Real Time Electronic Circuits and Components Mini Project back in 2019. The main aim of the event is to provide the students of the university to explore and make them think beyond their bookish knowledge to provide an innovative solutions for real life problem statements. This event also encourages and provides a platform for exposure, sharing of knowledge, ideas and skills development of the students. A total number of thirty-six (36) students comprising eleven (11) teams from ECE, CSE, CE and ME participated in the competition. The event showcased the real time demonstrations of projects like: High security locking cupboard, Arduino solar tracker, Smart dustbin, Automatic water pumping system for hydroponics, hydraulic pump to name a few. The external experts made the assessment of every project based on: Novelty of the Project and Technical Knowledge.

Name of the external experts

  1. Keisham Pritamdas, Assistant Prof. Dept. of ECE, NIT, Manipur
  2. Thiyam Akuvan, Founder, AKUMEN Artificial Intelligence

Winners of Real-time Project Demonstration Competition

Sl. No. Position Title of the Project Name of the Participants



1st Position


Low Cost and Reliable Water Level Controlling System Using 555 Timer

1.      Ceelina Loukrakpam, 4th Sem ECE

2.       Yumnam Jetu, 4th Sem, ECE

3.       L. Neilenchung Kom, 4th Sem, ECE

4.       Nivash Wahengbam, 4th Sem, ECE

5.       Aspis Chithung, 4th Sem, ECE

2 1st Position Hydraulic Pump 1.       Wahengbam Manimatum, 2nd Sem, ME

2.       Lankingmei Kamei, 2nd Sem, CE




2nd Position


Automatic Water Pumping System for Hydroponics

1.       Daniel Athisho, 4th Sem, ECE

2.       Christopher Gangmei, 4th Sem, ECE

3.       T. Tinngeineng Haokip, 4th Sem ECE

4.       Suraj Singh Thokchom, 4th Sem, ECE

5.       Thokchom Gamma, 4Th Sem, ECE

4 3rd Position Arduino Solar Tracker 1.       Franciskov Mairembam, 6th Sem, ECE

2.       Soram Krishnadaya, 6th Sem, ECE


Ms. Yengkhom Chandrika Devi
Assistant Professor and Coordinator
Dept. of ECE, Manipur Technical University

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Webinar for Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon

Webinar for Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon Credit

Event Highlight

Session name: Bamboo Carbon Fixation and carbon Credit.

Session date & time: 24th June, 2022, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Session Chair

1. [India Chair]
Mr. Kamesh Salam
Bamboo Value Chain Management Expert,
Founder and Executive Director,
South Asia Bamboo Foundation

2. [Taiwan Chair]
Dr. Shau-Chun Wang
Department of Chemistry
And Biotechnology
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Keynote Speakers

1. Dr. Shyam K. Paudel
Chief Technical Adviser
Ecosystem based Adaptation [EbA]
UN Environment | Lao PDR Canada

2. Dr. Shitephen Wang
Research Fellow, Kyoto University

3. Dr. Lokessh Chandra Dube
Senior Manager
The Gold Standard Foundation

4. Mr. Marc Alfons M PEETERS

5. Dr. Yi-Hsiang Chen
R&D Deputy General Manager Far-East Bio-Tech


1. Marco Piazza
Forestry Officer, Food and Agriculture
Organisation of United Nations

2. Dr. Chih-Lu Wu
Research Fellow
National Chung Cheng University Taiwan

3. Hal Hinkle
CEO, Bamcore

2. Webinar for Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon Credit

Topics Discussed

1. Need for carbon craving to be solved by Bamboo Community in order for Bamboo Community to get benefit from carbon market.
2. Promote bamboo plantation to combat climate change.
3. Production of bamboo saplings using tissue culture.
4. Rehabilitation of wastelands using bamboo.
5. Bamboo being able to produce 30% more oxygen than trees per hectare.
6. Bio-application of microalgae on CO fixation with bamboo bio-char.
7. Net Ecosystem Production (NEP) in bamboo forest.
8. Future of bamboo in carbon market.
9. Relation between bamboo and buildings.

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Group photo-One Day Industrial Visit to GR Infraprojects Ltd. Kakching

One Day Industrial Visit to GR Infraprojects Ltd., Kakching

Event Highlight

Date 25/06/2022 and 27/06/2022
Time 1000 to 1600 Hours
Venue GR Infraprojects Ltd., Kakching
Mode of event Industrial Visit to 2 Laning Project of NH39
2. One Day Industrial Visit to GR Infraprojects Ltd. Kakching

Resource Person(s)

1. Deepak Khundrakpam, Planning Manager

2. Golmei Rajen Kabui, CE Manager

3. Rakesh Swarn, Technical Staff

4. Suman Das, Technical Staff


  1. Nongmaithem Anand (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Manipur Technical University) and
  2. Gyanen Takhelmayum (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Manipur Technical University)


4th and 6th Semester students, 2 faculties and subordinate staffs

3. One Day Industrial Visit to GR Infraprojects Ltd. Kakching
4. One Day Industrial Visit to GR Infraprojects Ltd. Kakching

A brief note on the subject matter or topic

Revamp knowledge on theory and field exposure for the subjects Geotechnical Engineering, Highway Engineering, Construction Technology and Management and Materials Engineering.

Aim and Objective

The objective is to provide exposure to students about practical working environment and to provide students a good opportunity to gain full awareness about industrial practices. It also aimed to understand the technical difficulties faced and limitations of existing technology to open up scope of research in the students’ minds.

Coordinator’s Statement

Simply studying theories, solving problems and designing on paper become insufficient if it is impossible to visualize and recreate. Visiting such projects help the students to actually see and observe what they have learned from the books and classes.

Future Action/ Follow – up Action Plan

Visit to other Highway Projects in the state; training on software related to Highway Engineering; Visit to other major projects on water conduits.

Event Outcomes

The event saw participation by students of Manipur Technical University whose knowledge on engineering subjects highly got improved as seen in the reports submitted by them.


Gyanen Takhelmayum & Nongmaithem Anand, Assistant Professors, Dept. of Civil Engineering, MTU would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to Dr. Bhabeswar Tongbram, Vice-Chancellor, MTU, Ng. Bhogendra Meitei, Registrar, MTU and Shri K. Biju Singh, Assistant Registrar and Finance Officer, MTU for their support on conducting this programme. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the faculties and staffs of Department of Civil Engineering, MTU for their immense support throughout the programme. And lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the participants for their efforts and active participation in the programme.
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One-Day Awareness Program (offline) on the Intellectual Property Right

One-Day IPR Awareness Program


Session Name: One-Day IPR Awareness Program
Session Speaker: Mr. Shubham Harsh Singh (Examiner of patents and designs),
(Group A gazetted), DPIIT, Govt. of India.
Session Date: 30-06-2022
Speaker Biodata: Shubham Harsh Singh, graduated from Rajkiya Engineering College and
an experienced software engineer is an Examiner of Patents & Designs (Group ‘A’ gazetted)
from Departments for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce &
Industry, Govt. of India.

Session Objectives

1. To set up and maintain the services for researchers, Faculty members and students for effective commercial utilization of intellectual property generated at University in the interests of all concerned and to oversee the fair distribution of the returns accruing as an outcome of the patent in accordance with the policy and its amendments.
2. To promote safeguarding of the intellectual property interests of all those who are involved in the creation of intellectual property at the University.
3. To develop the environment of freedom for research & development, the discovery of new knowledge & innovation in order to achieve the educational mission of Manipur Technical University, Imphal.

Session Outcomes

1. Students were taught on how IPR restricts copying others ideas and how this will help the development of new ideas for the betterment of the society.
2. Students learnt how IPR provides total control over a new innovation and its creator. They were also given a platform to discuss how small innovations influence societies at large and how they should indulge in innovating and patenting ideas that will be useful for all the classes of individuals in the society.

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