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Two Days Workshop on Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering

Two Days Workshop on Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering

A two days Workshop on “Advancements and Current Trends of Mechanical Engineering” was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MTU under TEQIP-III on 1st-2nd March 2019.

Aim and Objective

The aim of the two-day workshop is to impart technical knowledge and skills to the undergraduate students pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering of Manipur Technical University (MTU). The resource persons have been selected on the basis of their highly expertise and knowledge on their respective field of interest and research.

Resource Persons

1. Prof. A.K.Das
Indian Institute of Information and technology, Manipur

2. Prof. Dr Goutam Sutradhar,
National Institute of Technology, Manipur

3. Prof T.N. Verma
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Manipur

4. E r. TH. Subhaschandra Singh
Chartered Engineer (India)
Honorary Joint Secretary
The Institution of Engineers (India )
Manipur State Centre
Faculty, Department Of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute Of Technology Manipur

Workshop Coordinator

Dr Prerana Nashine
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Manipur Technical University

Workshop Content
Day-1 [1st March 2019] Day-2 [2nd March 2019]
Lecture by Prof. Gautom Sutradhar Lecture by Prof. A. K. Das
Lecture by Prof. T.N.Verma Interaction programme with the participants
Interaction programme with the participants Lecture by Prof. T.N.Verma, NIT Manipur
Lecture by Dr. Prerana Nashine Lecture by Er. TH. Subhaschandra Singh



Event Outcome

The expected outcome of the workshop is to give exposure to the participants about research-oriented fields of Mechanical Engineering, industry-based case study and the importance of taking up research at an early stage. After successful completion of the workshop, the participants are expected to be motivated to read and find out more about the present advancements in Mechanical Engineering through e-resources and Journals papers.

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Two Days Workshop cum Hands on Practice on Embedded System

A two days workshop cum Hands on Practice on “Embedded System” was held on 28th February and 1st March, 2019 at the university campus organised by the Department of Electrical Engineering under TEQIP-III.

The workshop mainly focuses to give participants a chance to get hands-on experience on the latest trending embedded system hardware and different types of sensors. Emphasis is given to make the participants learn how to program the control boards for different types of sensors and different applications. About 81 participants attended the programme including both days.

  • To be able to define hardware and software communication and control requirements.
  • To acquire knowledge of and be able to use tools for the development and debugging of programs implemented on microcontrollers
  • To acquire knowledge of sensor properties and apply these in the design of Electronic systems which integrate measurement
  • To make the students skill full and efficient for all the hardware
  • To be able to work as part of a team, developing skills in interpersonal relations
  • Ability to lead and coordinate teams working on the design, development and implementation of embedded systems and proposing standard working methods and the tools to use.
Resource Person

Imopishak Thingom
Scientist – ‘D’

Workshop Coordinator

Oinam Manganleiba Meetei
Assistant Professor
Department of EE
Manipur Technical University

Workshop Content
Day 1 [28th February 2019]
Morning Session Afternoon Session
Introduction to Embedded System Introduction to C programming for 8051
Starting with embedded systems Branching and Looping
Introduction to Embedded C I/O Programming
Difference between C and Embedded C Timers and Counters, Serial Communication
Embedded C Constructs and Data Formats Introduction to Arduino
  Arduino Basics
  Arduino Architecture
  Arduino board layout


Day 2 [1st March 2019]
Morning Session Afternoon Session
Simple LED program Interfacing with servo motor
LED blinking Interfacing with Bluetooth module
Interfacing with IR Sensor Interfacing with Wifi Module
Interfacing with LCD Control of Electronic Devices using Android smartphone and Arduino



Event Outcome

  • Knowledge of Embedded Systems and simulation software for rapid prototyping have been obtained by the students
  • Designing, Testing and Debugging of Embedded Project have been learned
  • More interest is seen by the participants
  • More programs based on industrial oriented and advanced technology based on the embedded system is asked in future by the participants.
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